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UGC, Communities, and my New Reddit Leverage Course

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Ok, let’s get started with this week’s topics.

Is UGC + Community the Future of Digital Media?

Google doesn’t show ANY signs of rolling back their big boost to UGC.

As much as this is incredibly painful for indie publishers and bloggers, there’s opportunity here for those who can pivot.

Let me double tap something that Kevin said real quick….

Reddit now gets as much traffic as Amazon. Full stop.

I don’t think everyone is keyed into the magnitude of this reality, yet.

For context, Amazon’s rapid growth from 2018>2021 gave birth to a massive boom of FBA businesses and then a deluge of Amazon aggregators….raising billions of dollars.

I don’t think the BIG money is on to it just yet. I DO think Reddit is uniquely suited to smaller brands and micro publishers…. right now.

It’s like the good old days of Google 10+ years ago.

This is me, screaming from the rooftops.

Which brings me to…

I’ve Launched a Course!

In an effort to ween our model from Google traffic, I’ve been testing any and every alternative traffic source…

I’ve had some success with Pinterest, Facebook, and Flipboard (so far), but the one that has OUTPERFORMED all of these by miles is… REDDIT.

So - for the first time in my life - I launched a course!

I’ve called the course “Reddit Leverage” and it covers the core ways I’m using Reddit for both traffic and direct monetization

The thing is, ANY brand can leverage Reddit for traffic, brand awareness and sales…

In fact if you are NOT taking a serious swing with Reddit then you are really missing out.

Particularly if you are down and out because of recent Google updates, this is the CLOSEST thing to the Google playbook that is WORKING right now.

Think of Reddit as a Search proxy, but with bi-directional audience engagement.

In other words, intent based search traffic PLUS direct community and audience engagement!

I’ve launched this course FIRST to my list here and have 35 coupon codes available for 40% off here (lifetime pricing, even when I raise prices in the future). I’m actively expanding and adding modules as I test and apply new tactic and add case studies, but this pricing is locked in for my first customers.

I would love ANY feedback if you do sign up & will personally implement your requests and answer any questions.

Matching Tools to Traffic Sources

I am currently knees deep experimenting with all sorts of strategies to generate traffic and found it useful to start matching optimal tools > platforms:

What’s Cool About Skool?

I’ve now heard Skool referenced by two friends recently, Richard Patey (check out his Skool) and Paul Lemley (Pickleball Union Skool).

I’m really bullish on the next generation of community + learning + discussion based platfroms… so Skool has me intrigued.

In the age of AI, “raising the drawbridges” (I’ve discussed previously) nests well with the rise of forums and community platforms.

As much as I love the email / newsletter play, a forum or community platform is ALSO a list based business model. You typically need an email to sign up to these communities.

I’m going to be doing more research on Skool specifically, stay tuned!

Other Things I Read Recently

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